The region of Australasia includes Australia, New Zealand, and a couple of neighboring islands. You are invited to discover, explore, and learn more about the region. Mighty mountains, magnificent fjords, and so much more await your exploration.


The most national parks of any country in the world await your exploration.

Christmas Island Natural Wonders

Christmas Island

How can you not want to explore a place named Christmas – check us out.

Cocos Islands Natural Wonders

Cocos Islands

A national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, come see why.

Coral Sea Islands Natural Wonders

Coral Sea Islands

Nearly uninhabited islands of coral beauty that leave you speechless.

Lord Howe Island Natural Wonders

Lord Howe Island

White sandy beaches nestled in turquoise lagoons create the charm of heaven.

New Zealand Natural Wonders

New Zealand

Majestic mountains and stellar fjord are just some of the highlights.

Ayers Rock / Uluru

Come explore the natural wonders of the Ayers Rock and let our nature wow you.

Great Barrier Reef

Discover the wonders of nature from Great Barrier Reef and be in awe and inspired.


Adventure await in the wild wonders of Haleakala with many national parks to see.