Natural Wonders of Oceania

Natural Wonders of Oceania is an educational endeavor and part of the Natural Wonders Network.  The natural wonders network is a comprehensive effort leveraging online communities and networks to engage the global community with amazing natural attractions available across the continent of Oceania.

The mission of the Natural Wonders of Africa is to motivate the global community to Discover, Explore, and Learn about the wonders of nature found across Oceania.  The continent of Oceania is the world down under.  Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and islands scatter across the Pacific Ocean make up this continental region.  Although, the number of countries is few, the abundance of wilderness and wonders of nature are not.

We are committed to provide you with the insights you need to know about each of these wonders of nature as well as the imagery to bring them to life.  Oceania is a land of mystery and intrigue.  The country of Australia has over 600 national parks making it the most progressive country for establishing nationally protected areas.

As you have the opportunity to engage the wilderness of the land down under, you will become passionate about protecting and caring for the natural resources of Oceania.

Natural Wonders Network

The mission of the Natural Wonders Network is to create a philosophy and practice of conservationism by exposing the community to the wonders of nature around the world.

The network is open to collaborating with those who are committed to protecting nature and wildlife, fostering ecotourism, and promoting conservation efforts.

The network is not an official organization and there are no ties between the organizations represented.  The purpose of the network is to help you find organizations that are committed to protecting the natural world we call home.  Below you will find access to the other continents or regions of the world.

Oceania Wonders of Nature

Discovering and Exploring Oceania

Oceania is affectionately known as the land down under.  The continent is more than Australia including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and many other island nations spread across the pacific ocean.  Beaches, coral reefs, and blue waters are often the first thing that comes to mind when considering a trip to the region.  These are there in many bountiful ways, but there is so much more to explore and experience.

You are invited to explore the sites and organizations that are committed to educating you on the natural wonders of Oceania.  More importantly, you are encouraged to explore those who are committed to protecting and conserving Oceania’s wonders of nature. 

Seven Natural Wonders presents the 7 Wonders of Oceania as well as the 7 World Wonders of Nature.  These facets of nature represent the pinnacles of uniqueness or statistical significance that truly leaves spectators standing in awe and wonder.

UNESCO showcases the World Heritage Sites found around the world and across Oceania.  World Heritage Sites may be historical achievements of mankind, natural wonders, or sites that intertwine the achievements of mankind into the splendor of natural landscapes. 

Global Alliance of National Parks educates the world on the majestic facets of nature protected in the world’s national parks.  You can explore the amazing national parks spread out across the continent of Oceania.

Conservation International is a nonprofit with conservation efforts going on around the world.  Discover what they are doing to protect the natural wonders of Oceania.