Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is said to be the biggest canyon of the Pacific and really a spectacular sight to watch. The great Waimea Canyon is located in the western end of Mount Waialeale and is popularly known as the ‘Little Grand Canyon’ of Hawaii or the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Pacific. The canyon evaluated to be about ten miles long and a mile wide and 3,500 feet deep.

The deep canyon was carved by rivers that gushed down from the summit of Mount Waialeale about thousands of years ago. Lines are clearly visible in the walls of the canyon that portray volcanic activities and lava flows that took place few centuries ago. Waimea Canyon can be smaller in size compared to the Grand Canyon of Arizona, but the beauty and grandeur of the canyon is noteworthy.

Interested hikers can opt for numerous trails that lead to the canyon and up the Mount Waialeale. Hikes will offer offer remarkable views of this natural wonder. The canyon is under the protection of the Koke’e State Park that spreads over 4,345 acres of land as well as offer 45 miles of trails which also extend to the canyon as well as the Alakai Swamp plateau.

Waimea Canyon is in fact an unusual and amazing sight of Hawaii Island that lies in the west of Kauai. The rugged region has deep river gorges with multi-colored cliffs created by volcanic flow that occurred over centuries and visitors find it an excellent spot to hike and enjoy the scenic beauty. Most of the short trails lead to the floor of the valley floor.