Sepik River

The Sepik River is one of the longest rivers of Papua, New Guinea and it floes past the provinces of Sandaun in East Sepik and a tiny section flow through Paupa of Indonesian. The mighty Sepik River is in fact an important feature of Papua, New Guinea and hotspot for adventure travelers. The river primitive and feeds densely populated region that lives in its borders.

The scale of the river is really amazing and is primitive in its essence and there are beautiful stilt villages situated beside the river. The mostly visited portion of this river is the middle of Sepik but not much tourist’s crowd is noticed here.

The river is navigable and mostly traders or missionaries use them. The villages situated at the bank of the river Sepik look s quite idyllic and visitors enjoy the meditative nature of the river when they sail in a motor-canoe for hours and watches ibis and it is the most rewarding experience to see its rich and fascinating cultures on both sides of the humid land.

In the summer months, the water level of the river drop dramatically due to the tropical climate. The trapped waters of the lakes are heated by that encourages the bloom of the toxic algae that kill the lake fished. In spite of the population increase, the area did not see the face of development on the banks of this river. The people here are still uncivilized and are noticed to cook in those Western pots and wear those Western clothes. Even the vehicles that run on the rivers are mere motor-powered boats or canoes that lack modern technology.