Palau Micronesia

Palau is a strongly collected group of archipelago that stretches about 400 mile across the blue sea and described as the jewel of the Pacific. The archipelago is made up of limestone coral reefs and sometimes they appear to be giant green mushrooms and consist of the high islands of Babeldaob, Kayangel, Peleliu, Ngeruangel, Koror and Angaur and few of the islands are limestone rock Islands while few are barrier reef.

Only eight of these islands are inhibited with total population of 15,000 only and most of the population is concentrated in Koror, the provisional capital. Palau is only 500 miles from Philippines one of the youngest and smallest sovereign states in the world.
The majesty of Palau is hidden in the ocean waves. The vast lagoon is the home to 105km of barrier reef where you can get not less than 1,500 species of fish with great number of diverse corals.

You can easily reach to the blue holes or huge caverns with massive growths of sessile in the crystal clear water of the ocean during your adventure tour to Palau. There are land-locked marine lakes spread over the islands that care connected to the sea with narrow channels and forms the healthy breeding grounds for marine life like sharks, crocodiles as well as rare critters.
Visitors enjoy hiking through the tropical rainforest and pay a visit to the five such lakes inside the central Rock Islands or visit those submerged caves having multiple chambers, unpaved roads and tall waterfalls and much more to explore in a rustic backdrop.
Diving is a popular sport among visitors and the best dives in Palau is done in Islands of Peleliu Ngemelis and Angaur where legendary wall dives are practiced.

Enjoy the marine diversity, astounding terrain, multi-level blue holes and steep walls plummet and last but not the least drift diving in the Palau’s huge lagoon and make your trip a memorable one. It is recommended to visit Palau between January and April to enjoy your trip.