This island is the largest among the Marianas Archipelago that is located northwest of the Pacific Ocean. History tells us that this country has been founded by the same person who navigated and reached the Philippines, Ferdinand Magellan. That explains the existence of the Filipino ethnicity in Guam. But before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers in Guam, this land has been already occupied by the native Chamorro that migrated from Southeast Asia about 4000 BC. And with the Spanish conquest during the early 1500, the primary religion of this place is Roman Catholic. Today, Guam is a territory of the United States, holding control over the lands. The island showcases nature by its magnificent landmarks and its biodiversity. They protect these wonders for preservation and tourism purposes.

Two Lovers Point
Locally termed as Puntan Dos Amantes, a place for beauty and romance, the Two Lovers Point is one of the islands rich natural wonder. With its cliff line that rises for more than 250 feet, it possesses a legend that was believed to be the place where the two young couple whose relationship was not favored by the female’s parents, both leaped in this cliff and was never seen again. The Two Lovers Point is now developed for tourism that allows one to watch the sparkling Philippine Sea while relaxing on this breathtaking place. If you are planning a tour in Guam, then make sure that you give time to enjoy the wonderful scenes found in the Two Lovers Point.

One of a Kind Animal
Guam is also a place that is a good place not only for humans but also for animals that seek shelter in this tropical island. One animal has been marked as Guam’s Official Territorial Bird is the Ko’ko or Guam Rail. They are like New Zealand’s Kiwi in their feature that they have lost their flying abilities due to evolution. These Ko’ko was the dominant bird in Guam because it had no natural enemies in the past. But when the brown tree snake was introduced in the country, this flightless bird obviously had no chance of escaping from the new predator that invaded the land. This resulted to the drastic decrease of the number of Ko’ko in Guam and has become endangered.

Exquisite Waters of Guam
The waters in Guam have been untouched for many years now and it has been one of the main tourist attractions for scuba diving and snorkeling. In their clean waters reside numerous coral reefs where plenty of marine animals live and other remains of the World War II such as torpedoes, ships and planes. The abundance of marine life in their waters is due to the geographic location of Guam in which it is near the deepest trench in the world, the Marianas Trench. The warm temperature also attracts most fishes, that is why they would stay in the waters of Guam for easy living. Your trip to Guam will be worth it all if you include this in your itinerary.

Sigua Falls
This falls is the largest waterfall in Guam and is made up of two parts namely the Upper and Lower Sigua Falls. And tourists who already experienced the trip to this falls have said that the Lower Sigua Falls is much fun than on the Upper. But it actually depends on the preference of the person. The location of the Sigua Falls is inaccessible by vehicles so one would take a sacrifice to walk on foot and even use a rope to go down a muddy hill. But don’t worry, once you get there, the hardship that you went will all be worth it. The name Sigua means 9 in the ancient Chamorro counting system.