Situated in the South Pacific Ocean lies a very unique wonder, it is a group of islands that is a part of the Melanesia, the island nation of Fiji. Fiji is a country just 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand, and is a home to different species that contributes to its biodiversity. Beyond the borders of Fiji’s biodiversity are a cluster of wonders that will truly delight those who seek for fun and an intimate touch of nature. Fiji is accessible by plane and hotels are also found in major towns. What makes Fiji one of the best is its high contrasts of the blue waters and green forests, a manifestation of nature’s touch.

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park
Let’s begin this natural wonder trip with the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park. The park’s green ambiance relaxes your eyes and makes you forget the busyness of life. In every point of the mountain, there are different colors of grasses, which make you feel that you are lost somewhere, where no amount of greeneries could match par. On the peak, the view is so delightful especially when good weather comes, the different cloud formations are a must see, plus a mixture of colors with the blue sky is just a perfect photo subject.

Rakiraki River
The Rakiraki River is located in Rakiraki District in Fiji, famous for its sugar producing factories which contributes to Fiji’s economy. In the Rakiraki River, you can find thick grasses that are suitable for picnics with your family and as well as a perfect dating spot if you are traveling with you loved one. You can do boating along the short river; all you need to do is make arrangements with locals. Though Rakiraki River is not a prime Fijian destination, its virgin beauty makes it have what it takes to become a natural wonder. If you do want to cast your baits for freshwater fishes, just bring your fishing gear with you and enjoy what Rakiraki has prepared for you.

Denarau Beaches
Denarau is an island in Fiji, just about 22 kilometers away from Nabi airport and just a short driving distance from Nabi proper. This is where beach lovers would flock as they enjoy the cool blue waters and white fine sand of the beach. It is also ideal for family outings, Denarau will truly provide you with utmost comfort that would take you to paradise. So when in Fiji, always bring your swimming gear with you and dive into the water of Denarau and enjoy the sunset by the beach.

Mount Tomanivi
If you want to dare to reach Fiji’s peak, then Mount Tomanivi is the best place for you. You will be pushed to your limits but rest assured that when you get on top, Fiji’s view is all yours. The trail is quite steep and could be very slippery during the rainy season, but if the weather is perfect, your Tomanivi climb will surely bring you delight. Along the trail are Fijian native houses and friendly locals. If you plan for a climb, settle your plans with local forest ranger, they can provide you with guides and help you with some local rituals before you climb.

Bouma Falls
Also known as the Tavoro waterfalls, this majestic natural wonder is composed of three closely adjacent falls that fall at the height of 10, 24 and 15 meters, all combined to make an amazing natural wonder. It can be found within the Bouma National Park and has long been one of the best destinations when in Fiji. The water is so refreshing and very inviting, so never hesitate to feel the cold waters and enjoy the waterfall experience. So when in Fiji, maximize your relaxation time with these amazing natural wonders.