Cascade de Fachoda

Cascade de Fachoda is one of the highest waterfalls of Oceania continent located in the French Polynesia country of Tahiti. The waterfall is approximate300m high or about 984 ft and the main source of water is the river Fautaua.

The waterfall is one of the mostly visited tourist attractions of Tahiti. Travelers can visit the place to enjoy its scenic beauty all the year round. Cascades De Fachoda is a wide waterfall and visitors can hike easily by travelling through the wooded path by the side of the Fautaua river and when they come to the Fachoda bridge, they can take either of the two itineraries to move further.
One way leads to the top of the Cascades De Fachoda waterfall. It is at this point the visitors will fully enjoy the stunning view of the lovely Belvedere and the natural beauty of the tumbling waterslides. The Fachoda Fort is clearly visible from this viewpoint where the ruin of the war that took place in 1846 between Frenchs and Tahitians remains buried.

The other way leads to the spectacular Fautaua Valley. It is one of the most beautiful spot of the region and where visitors can enjoy the sight of it exquisite flora, the scattered historic sites as well as the awe-inspiring landscapes scattered all around.
Visitors can opt for excursion tours package offered by the government of tourism to enjoy their visit to this region around the Cascade de Fachoda waterfalls. Such excursion packages are bought according to private conditions and rates. The durations of excursion usually vary and it depends mainly on what level hikers intend to go. It is operational everyday expect their special closed days like 25th of December and 1st January.