Papau New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, which is officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is one of the countries in Ocenia, which occupies numerous offshore islands in the western part and the eastern part occupies the island of New Guinea with Port Moresby as the capital. It is known to be one of the countries with the most diverse culture due ... Read More »

Solomon Islands

This scattered archipelago is found east of Papua New Guinea. The estimated 2,000 land form is mostly made up of mountainous islands and some are coral atolls. It was believed that the islands were populated by humans during the early 2,000 BC, and this was discovered by Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana. The Solomon Islands are place of a lot ... Read More »

Marshall Islands

Sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands has been withstanding the trading winds of the world’s largest ocean. But the islands have been one of the best tourist destinations of the world because of its innate beauty that is bestowed by nature which keeps telling people to come back for more. If you are looking for ... Read More »


Situated in the South Pacific Ocean lies a very unique wonder, it is a group of islands that is a part of the Melanesia, the island nation of Fiji. Fiji is a country just 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand, and is a home to different species that contributes to its biodiversity. Beyond the borders of Fiji’s biodiversity are ... Read More »

Cocos Islands

The people of the Cocos Islands have striven towards developing their tourism industry as the main fuel for their economy. Drifting languidly on the Indian Ocean, the Territory of the Cocos Islands can be halfway between Sri Lanka and Australia. It is composed of two breathtaking atolls and 27 coral islets. Among the islets, two are inhabited namely the West ... Read More »


Australia is a continent that is usually called “the land down under” because of its geographic position in the planet. This country is one of the smallest continents but is considered to be in the second place when it comes to country size. Australia is one of the top exporters of items such as diamonds, wool, alumina, lead and sheep ... Read More »

New Zealand

If you have watched the trilogy of Lord of the Rings, the wonderful places in the film such as Minas Tirith, Fangorn Forest, Edoras and Hobbiton are all found in New Zealand and of course the characters are fictional. No wonder why they chose this place because of its rich agricultural and untouched nature all over the country. This island ... Read More »


Scattered in the western part of the Pacific Ocean in the equatorial belt, 607 tiny islands form the Federal States of Micronesia. This nation is divided in to four recognized states namely Yap, Chuuk, Ponpei and Kosrae. In early history, the tropical islands emerged as a result of continuous volcanic activity. Their geographical features range from steep mountains to coral ... Read More »


This island is the largest among the Marianas Archipelago that is located northwest of the Pacific Ocean. History tells us that this country has been founded by the same person who navigated and reached the Philippines, Ferdinand Magellan. That explains the existence of the Filipino ethnicity in Guam. But before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers in Guam, this land ... Read More »

Coral Sea Islands

Located on the north-east coast of Australia close to the state of Queensland, the Coral Sea Islands exhibit a wide array of healthy coral reefs and coral atolls. The islands are mostly uninhabited with the exception of Willis Island due to the lack of a permanent source of freshwater as well as only at most three square kilometers of land ... Read More »