Marshall Islands

Sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands has been withstanding the trading winds of the world’s largest ocean. But the islands have been one of the best tourist destinations of the world because of its innate beauty that is bestowed by nature which keeps telling people to come back for more. If you are looking for a distant place to unwind with your family or whoever, the Marshall Islands could be the best place for you. In this article, we shall explore this pacific beauty and take a closer look of what nature has prepared for us.

Jaluit Lagoon
Our first destination is a lagoon which is a home to a very scenic waterfall, the Jaluit lagoon in the Jaluit Atoll. The waterfall is just short, but the water is enough to invite you for a quick dive and for your body to cool down. The place is very ideal for family outdoor trips and for people who want to leave their busy lives and get in touched with nature. When in Jaluit Lagoon, never fail in taking landscape photos of the lagoon and the waterfall, these are perfect photo subjects for you. So the Jaluit Lagoon is a must visit place when you are in the Marshall Islands.

Majuro Atoll
The Majuro Atoll is the site of the Marshall Islands’ airport, where an airstrip gives tourists an access to the island. But beyond that advantage of being accessible, the reason why people keep coming back to the Majuro Atoll is the super blue waters, white beaches and coconut tree-lined shores. To enjoy the atoll, a sunbathe would be great. For kids and family outings, snorkeling will truly bring them delight. The colorful corals and different species of colorful fishes will make them love the sea environment. So the Majuro Atoll should be one of you destinations.

Kwajalein Atoll
Kwajalein Island, located in the southernmost part of the atoll is the largest island in this atoll while the Roi Namur is an island located up north. Both of the islands played an important role during World War Two. But let’s not talk about guns and battles, we are here for nature’s business. The atoll is showered with beautiful views of the pacific and the waves during the surfing season will surely satisfy your surfing cravings. If you do not surf, well, a nice sunset view in the afternoon is one way to relax. The mix of cloud, skies and water color reflections lit by the sun is such a pleasure in the eyes.

Mili Atoll
Have you ever been to a place where it seems like no one is with you? In Mili Atoll, you’ll feel like you’re being castaway, but with the delightful treats of island, I bet one would prefer to stay here for relaxation. The Mili atoll is the second largest island in the Marshall Islands covering an area of 5.8 square-miles. That may seem too small, but the thing is, the corals, the sea breeze and fresh coconuts are a haven for beach lovers.

Calalin Island
The names itself sound like someone’s calling you to enjoy the luscious seafood treats of the Calalin Islands. It is located in the Majuro atoll and just like in any other Marshall Island natural wonder, it is composed of coconut trees, clear waters, huge corals and fine white sand. A trip to the Marshall Islands can only be complete if you get to hop along the islands in atolls, in that way, you feel like you own every single bit of pleasure coming from nature. So make sure that when in the Marshall Islands, visit the Calalin Island and enjoy the treats that are waiting for you!