Hawaiian Waterfalls

Hawaii is known as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ and one reason can the breathtaking view of the Hawaii Waterfalls. Each of the Hawaiian Islands has their own special characteristics with a collection of mind-blowing waterfalls of the world.
The island of Maui known as the magic island boast for a heap of waterfalls that lies in the famed Hana Highway. Molokai is the home to the world tallest sea cliffs where lies the tallest Hawaii Waterfalls. Again the island of Oahu features plenty of scenic beauty and waterfall.

Kauai also called the garden island is home to the Mt Wai’ale’ale Crater, a spot of Hawaiian Island also known as the wettest point of the earth having 450 inches rainfall annually is the home to numerous amazing waterfalls that feed the rivers of the plain. Finally, the Big Island which is volcanically active is the host to a good collection of powerful waterfalls. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful Hawaii Waterfalls.

Waimoku Falls
The 400 ft waterfall is one of the tallest cascades of the Island that lies in the Haleakala National Park, in the Kipahulu District surrounded by bamboo forest and flows all the year round.

Moa’ula Falls
The 250ft waterfall lies in Halawa Valley of Molokai, and considered as a great place to enjoy swimming.

Hanakapi’ai Falls
It is a towering waterfall located in the Hanakapiai Valley near the Na Pali Coast of Kauai and encircled with fluted cliffs and lush jungle adding to the scenic beauty of the waterfall.

Akaka Falls
The 420ft waterfall is the popular waterfall of the Big that flows all the year round surrounded by remote gulches and valleys.

Papalaua Falls
The1200ft waterfall is the tallest cascade of Molokai is and located in a remote area. Very few fortunate are able to see this Hawaii Waterfall.

Wailua Falls
It is a 80ft double-barreled waterfall on Maui and a must-see waterfall of the Garden Isle.

Rainbow Falls
The 80ft is situated in Hilo of the Big Island and surrounded by lush tropical flora and flows on the Wailuku River, the longest river of the Hawaiian Island.

The Sacred Falls and the Umauma Falls are also spectacular waterfalls and known for their scenic allure and said to be most picturesque waterfalls on Hawaiian island.