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Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is said to be the biggest canyon of the Pacific and really a spectacular sight to watch. The great Waimea Canyon is located in the western end of Mount Waialeale and is popularly known as the ‘Little Grand Canyon’ of Hawaii or the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Pacific. The canyon evaluated to be about ten miles long and ... Read More »

Mount Waialeale

is one of the shield volcanoes in the earth and said to be the wettest point of our universe. Located in center of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai U.S, Waialeale rises to an altitude of 5,148 feet or 1,569 meters and finally forms a dissect dome. The mountain is adversely affected by erosion and forms a part of a central ... Read More »

Mount Kilauea

Kīlauea is considered as one of the most active volcano of the Universe. It is said to be the home to the goddess of volcanoes, Pele by locals of the Hawaiian religion. It is located inside the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and visited by tourists all the year round. It is the popular attraction of Hawaii Island and noted to ... Read More »

Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea or the White Mountain is an inactive shield volcano of the Hawaiian Islands, situated 300 km away from Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It is the Pacific Basin’s highest point and is ranked as the highest island-mountain of the world. The last eruption of Mauna Kea took place about 4,000 to 6,000 years ago and most ... Read More »

Lava Tubes

Lava tubes are large pipes and even cave-like structures that lead to underground lava rivers. They are remarkable formations of both active and dormant volcanoes and are must-see geological structures when you are on your Hawaii vacation. Thus the Hawaiian Islands forms a vital area for the study of lava tube caves in the world. It is in these tubes ... Read More »

Hawaiian Waterfalls

Hawaii is known as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ and one reason can the breathtaking view of the Hawaii Waterfalls. Each of the Hawaiian Islands has their own special characteristics with a collection of mind-blowing waterfalls of the world. The island of Maui known as the magic island boast for a heap of waterfalls that lies in the famed Hana ... Read More »


Haleakalā also known as the East Maui Volcano is an active and gigantic volcano of the Hawaiian Islands and covers about 75% of the area of Maui Island of Hawaii. The Haleakala volcano is considered as the highest peak of Maui and rises to an altitude of about 10,023 feet above the sea level. The volcano last erupted in 1790 ... Read More »